On tilted ground, a still life with broken moments

Op scheve grond /

On tilted ground

A still life with broken moments

July 2016

For an artist in residence I stayed for a month in Bad Gastein. This are the first results of an intense work period in the mountains. On many levels it was successful. The sommerfrische kunst art festival was a great experience that will continue to  influence my work. The inspiration of the mountains gave me so much to think about, to work with, to create that I am sure there will be many works to follow. I will keep you posted on this page.

Many thanks to Andrea von Goetz, Friederike Kohrs, Liddy van Gennip, The tourists information of Bad Gastein, The Regina Hotel, The Miramonte Hotel, All the lovely people of Badgastein, the collectors,  And of course my fellow artist. Love Lundell, Linda Bäckström, Alexandra Baumgartner, Ondrej Drescher and Simon Mathers. Thank you for the great time, talks and hikes.












DSC01268         atelier3

atelier2.jpg          2BW



otg 1 20x25cm



otg 8 20 x 25 cm  otg3










otg 9 20x25cm


On tilted ground proloog.jpg


photographic image on mdc with paint 20 x 25 cm 

On tilted ground installationshot2

otg 20x25 cm


On tilted ground set of 2

On titled ground installationshot .jpg

Ont tilted ground 1 of 4 20 x 25 cm nieuw   On tilted ground 2 of 4 20 x 25 cm nieuw copy      Ont tilted ground 3 of 4 20 x 25 cm nieuw copy    Ont tilted ground 4 of 4 20 x 25 cm nieuw


on titlted ground 1 20x25 cm


photographic image on mdc with paint 20 x 25 cm 

On titled ground digitale collage 30x40 cm


_Mountain 50x40 cm _Mountain4  50x40 cm




On tilted ground installationshot digitale werken


Digitale collage expo print 1


expo print stilleven 3




expoprint 4 stileven 4


expo pritn goot backdrop 90 x120


On titled ground Installation shot installation


overligthed blue cace

On titled ground installationshot 4.jpg


On tilted ground installationshot4 .jpg

On tilted ground 2 canvas 100x120 cm

Ont tilted ground collage canvas 100 x120 cm

On tilted ground 3 canvas 100 x120 cm

on tilted 4 ground canvas 100x120 cm